Cannes Lions

The Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity is a 7 day celebration for people who work in or hold an interest in advertising, creative communications and related fields. The event also contains the Lions Awards, was previously known as the International Advertising Festival and is held on an annual basis in Cannes. The event takes place in June every year and is widely regarded as being the largest ad festival in the entire world.

While it is a serious event offering networking opportunities, the chance to see the latest trends in a fast-moving industry and plenty of exhibitions and conferences, it is often seen as a fun event. With an opening and closing gala, there are enough reasons to get properly dressed up but the majority of the event provides a focus on work and acknowledging success in the industry.

The Cannes Lions event has a long and industrious history, linking back to the very first International Advertising Film Festival which took place in Venice in Italy in 1954. The inspiration for the trophy was the lion of the Piazza San Marco in the same city and this same lion has been the influence for the Cannes Lions event. The second event took place in Monte Carlo while the third event was held in Cannes. Following this the event would alternate between Cannes and Venice before the event settled in Cannes in 1984, where it has been held ever since. This means that there has been more than 30 continuous years of the event in Cannes and it is a major fixture in the annual run of events and conferences that take place in Cannes.

The Cannes Lions is the Premier Event for Advertising Professionals

The Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity is easily regarded as being the premier event for professionals in the advertising world. Given the development of advertising, the event is a major draw for marketers, digital innovators and designers, all flocking to Cannes ever June to take part in the event. At the last count, more than 11,000 delegates, hailing from 90 countries around the world, attended making this a truly global event and a genuine opportunity to network and engage with people that you may never get the chance to. The advertising industry operates in the global marketplace these days and with the advancement of internet and digital technology, there are genuine opportunities to work in a range of countries. There is also a great chance to see the best and emerging talent from around the world, with thousands of entries for the awards being received by the organisers.

Star Names and Celebrities Are Found at Cannes Lions

One of the more compelling reasons for attendees to visit in the modern era is the number of seminars and workshops hosted by some of the most prominent names in the ad world and related industries. Gaining access to names like Christopher Bailey, Annie Leibovitz, Jack Black, Nick Cannon or Jenson Button may cost a lot of money when hiring them personally but at an event like this, there is an affordable and focused way to learn from their insight and knowledge. In the present era, there are over 130 sessions taking place over the course of the week which provides more than enough opportunities for people to develop knowledge and understanding of the industry they operate in.

The Cannes Lions event has grown so large that there is now actually a Fringe event for attendees to enjoy. With sporting events and activities, conferences, entertainment and music events, there is a lot to be said for the fact that the Cannes Lions event is more like a traditional festival than a conference or industry event. The ad agency is a bit more relaxed or exciting than other traditional industries and it is good to see that the event in Cannes taps into the spirit of adventure and excitement that many people associate with the advertising industry.

There is no denying that in recent times, the way that many people think about the ad industry has been shaped by Mad Men but even before the era that show depicted, the International Advertising Festival has been a great way to showcase the huge talent and skills involved in this dominant industry.

When it comes to being the perfect host location for major conferences and events welcoming people from all over the world, Cannes is second to none. The extensive range of Cannes accommodation, suitable for all budgets and needs means that no matter how many people are in your travelling party or how much you are looking to spend, there will be an affordable and effective way to be based in the local vicinity for a week and make the most of the event. Cannes has developed a sterling reputation as being the leading global destination for award shows and ceremonies and the Cannes Lions event is just one of the reasons why people hold this opinion.

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